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Hi, I’m Ellie (they/them)! 24 y.o. Master’s student looking for cool art and casual friends. Please read my About Me page for more info :) NSFW art sideblog: @amplexus

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dress up

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Femme AU me is cute!

Happy TuesDirt! Here’s another mushroom for y’all, the Old Man of the Woods!

“I hate when my dad shares Fox News articles, everyone knows that place is full of misinformation and they try to scare their viewers with conspiracy theories. Now let me reblog this Tumblr post about how a random African guy Definitely Cured AIDS, that was posted on a really niche “news” site I’ve never heard of before, where the comments are full of people screaming about how “they” are going to kill him and steal his “discovery” and that’s why it somehow hasn’t become the top international news story everywhere even though the article was published in 2015. Lol, conservative baby boomers are so dumb!”

Finally got my hair cut today Waterpals 👍🏻

Got her doing a blep

Bought a new playmat with gr8 art of my best girl Huatli :D

“Picklesburgh” pickle festival 2019 y’all!!! 🥒🥒🥒 I ate Many Pickles today

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😮 i'm so jelly

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It runs until Sunday, there’s still time! 😄

“Picklesburgh” pickle festival 2019 y’all!!! 🥒🥒🥒 I ate Many Pickles today

Dysphoria from hair being too long VS. Executive dysfunction not letting me go out and get it cut


Who the hell said the Tuba wasn't sexy?

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Have you heard that bitch?

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Low brass players are always the coolest & sexiest in the whole band and that’s the tea 🍵

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Autumn 2014

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i really like the concept of fallen angels and i'd love to write some stories about them but i have NEVER read the bible and i do NOT have the spoons to start now

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I have read the Bible (I’m agnostic now, but when I was younger we read through the entire thing twice at my parent’s church) and I’m pretty sure it goes into very little detail about angels as a whole, and barely talks about fallen angels at all. A lot of the concept is very, very stretched and extrapolated from a few vague verses. I know barely anything about Jewish scriptures though, maybe they would have some information for you? 😊

I know many reasonable, thoughtful vegans in real life and even though I’m not vegan, I can see why they choose to be so and I enjoy making vegan food with them. But my god, the vegan community on Tungle is a shithole teeming with blatant misinformation, no actual knowledge of biology, and creepy TERFs that keep talking about “exploiting female body parts” 😣

I love the Black Panther movie and think Killmonger is a great character but I feel like a lot of people trying to be woke™ forget that he... killed so many people as a member of the US military that he is literally named after it? Like I see so many posts portraying him as some leftist hero when he was a brutal agent of US imperialism... but ¯(ツ)

Wizards of the Coast: Hey, can you draw us some rats for one of our fantasy game cards?

Artist: Yeah sure! What are rats again? They’re like werewolves but with different feet and tails, right?

Wizards: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Artist: Okay, here you go!

Me: finds one (1) man aesthetically pleasing

Me: oh my god, am I actually attracted to men? have I been lying to myself for years? am I a complete fraud? will the gays disown me?

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A post: women shouldn't be expected to shave their legs and armpits

Some cis het girl in the comments: well I think everyone should shave. Armpit hair and leg hair on men is gross too. It's just hygiene

It’s TuesDirt! Enjoy this morel mushroom I found while turtle trapping 🍄

My parents: You need to cut down on your spending!

Also my parents: You’ve gained weight, you shouldn’t be eating so many processed foods! Eat healthy things, like this! (buys $5 loaf of organic sprouted grain bread)

Me: wtf do u want from me

Everyone, please enjoy this picture of my parents’ cat Macaroni 🐧